When will our Club re-open please?

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    Yesterday Ms. Sturgeon announced the easing of Lockdown measures, including being able to travel into Scotland from other parts of the UK. When will our Club re-open please? Will a lead-in period be necessary as last year for checking water, cleaning, staff training etc? We’re sure that another Newsletter is imminent and it will be announced in there, but we’re eager to see our Club re-open and an update would be appreciated!
    Additionally, does anyone think that the prices for renting Lodges via the Retreat Group are expensive? I just clicked into the ‘Book a Lodge’ section and the prices appeared rather inflated to me. We realise that current demand is high because people are desperate for a holiday, but surely we don’t want to put people off renting at LRHC now and in the future by asking too much? Are the prices agreed between the Owners and Company?

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