When was the last Newsletter?

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    When was our last Newsletter? It seems ages ago and we’re wondering if we were missed off the last mailing. Our family tell us that the Lodges were all occupied when they were there last week which is great news. They enjoyed their meals and a pre Lodge entry stay at the Hotel which was also super, so all seems to be going well there. They also commented on the efficiency and pleasantness of the Office staff, which is good to hear. But with everything bustling along in LRHC and the Hotel’s new facilities opening next month, it would be good to hear all the good news in a Newsletter and we certainly don’t want to miss out on that! So if anyone recollects when the last Newsletter came please, can you let us know?
    On another topic entirely, Lodge Sales and Purchases are up and bustling! Someone in our family had advertised 2 of their Lodge weeks for Sale and Julie Voules (LRHC Sales and Purchases) phoned them with an offer. The Assignation is currently going through. Coincidentally we were considering purchasing in another time of year, contacted Julie and that Purchase/Assignation is going through too! Julie was very well informed and on the ball, kept in touch frequently and the Office staff are processing the paperwork very efficiently. Julie said that in the week we bought, she had already sold another 3 Lodges – is this positive impact of the Hotel? Let’s hope so and that it continues.

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