When do the Committee Members have their Holidays?

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    Mr. R. Robertson

    Out of interest, I was wondering when the Committee Members will be able to take time out to have a holiday this year with their Family? They must be both mentally and physically exhausted attempting to sort out the chaos left by previous Committees, whilst trying to organise the Zoom AGM; run the Club without a GM in place and oversee preparations to ensure the Club is ready for owners to have their much needed holidays. All of this they have undertaken, whilst running their own businesses and family lives. Personally I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

    They certainly deserve our thanks for sticking with it despite negative comments being made, when many others would have thrown the Towel in saying “If you think you can do a better job of it, then step up to the plate!”

    I think as LRHC Owners we all need to cut the Committee and Employees some slack, for coping so admirably with limited staff during this period. We have to remember that as Owners, we have a Duty of Care towards not just the Club`s Employees, but the Committee also.

    Ronnie Robertson

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