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    As we have read, a former Chairman has resigned, we have had no accounts published and there has been no AGM this year. Each of these things has been bad news, but the loss of our magnificent maintenance teams probably crowns these items as some of the worst news we could have had. The very fabric of our holiday accommodation and the life of the village of Kinloch Rannoch has been put at stake by bad management.

    There is another website – lochrannochhighlandclub.net – set up to allow members who knew about it to communicate so joining that may be something to consider, but IMHO we need a far better way forward.

    We find this is all very frustrating, as my husband and I keep saying.

    He worked as a product manager for a division of an American company in charge of a $60,000,000 revenue stream and was held responsible for on-time delivery as well as an engineering team which made the products. Working remotely with a Californian office was a breeze compared to this.

    This total lack of commercial management, oversight or even stated goals is something which would have had him and most of the division fired inside a month.

    All that is ever asked for is 100% delivery. Though everyone has a different 100% we really have not seen that from those saying they ran the club.

    We need to get into serious talks with our maintenance teams, if they or their unions will agree, and get the fabric of the investment secured. Ideally we can ask them to agree to minimise their financial claims, which we can guess are deserved, but could be crippling.

    We need a visible set of goals to be set out as both a provisional way to instantly reset the situation and then for the next 5-10 years with costings, performance expectations and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to keep things on track.

    Finally, there seems to be a growing audience on this, the official website, so keeping everyone up-to-date should be a higher priority. There is a “Documents” section and an “Announcements” forum, someone should be tasked with getting them loaded with unbiased, businesslike information which will rebuild a connection between us all, whether owners or staff.

    Recriminations help no-one and we own a magnificent product between us.

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