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    Cliff Hunter

    Hi & welcome to the new members area.

    I was just as frustrated as everyone else for the delay in getting this site back up, my preference would have been to get the new site ready to go before the old 1 was removed – but it became apparent that this was not possible for security reasons, as was mentioned in a bulletin that came out when the old site was taken offline. I hope that the wait has been worth it, the new features will be of benefit and we can start to develop a strong community on the new forum (built on mutual respect, understanding and desire to see our club become what we all want it to be).

    You will have no doubt noticed a few new features to the members area, these have been added to make things easier for us all – as an example you now have the ability to update your personal details from the members area rather than having to ask the office to do this.

    There are still some features under development, such as the ability to book a lodge (as this also has to integrate to the new Dashboard we have to make sure that this integration is working both ways before this goes live), we are endeavoring to get all the features live as soon as possible as well as add gallery’s of all lodges so potential renters\buyers can see what a lodge looks like prior to booking\buying.

    If you find any issues with any part of the site, or have any suggestions on what could be done better, can you please let us know.

    Cliff Hunter
    Chair & IT lead

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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