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    Back in June, we decided to see what the Unofficial Forum was like, because we were feeling out of touch with other Members/Owners. I tried on several occasions to Register, but it seemed that the site would not accept my application. Then earlier this month we tried again using a different email address (we don’t like to be beaten!) and after an email to the Webmaster who ‘made a few adjustments’, I was accepted!!
    I have never read such negative Posts in my life and sadly, much of it is personal and aimed at past and current Committee Members: Owners who have given up so much of their time to move the Club forward and have achieved much, despite Covid Lockdowns. The overall impression is that these Owners are determined to undermine the Committee, get a Management Company in place instead or sell/give the Resort to the Hotel Consortium. Sadly, there are some major contributors to the Unofficial Forum whose motives are questionable and certainly do not have the best interests of LRHC in mind.
    I do not know if any of the Committee have access to the Unofficial Forum, but we found the extremely negative Posts and sentiments, so-called ‘factual’ information being shared, discussion of a ‘fighting fund’, slurring of Committee Members and plotting to change the future of the LRHC by skewing information extremely worrying. The Unofficial Forum is very inflammatory and the negativity is bounced between those using it, including ex Members of staff, those living in the community, ex Committee Members and some Owners who have other business interests which seem to be driving their motives. But of course Owners who visit the site are obviously reading this and we are very perturbed about the damage it could do to LRHC. We consider that some of the material being made available by previous employees should not have been removed from LRHC and been shared on the unofficial Forum.
    If the LRHC Committee Secretary wishes to get in touch with us to discuss this Post, we believe it would be beneficial to the Committee.

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