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    Mr. R. Robertson

    Well firstly, I am experiencing problems attempting to post. I spend time writing a post for it to either turn bright red or disappear entirely when submitted! I shall have yet another attempt:
    The Perpetuity Question must be one of the first things on the new Committees Agenda, no more brushing it under the carpet as has happened for decades. Given the age demographic of many of the original owners and the reluctance of the next generation to accept a Time Share Albatross around their neck, either the Committee comes up with a fair exit strategy, and I dont mean Reach 100 and get a Free Leave Card or the Club face ever increasing negative Media Headlines – “LRHC takes very elderly Owners to court for Non-payment of Maintenance Fees for Timeshare Holiday Accommodation they can no longer access!” or perhaps worse still “LRHC sues Deceased Owners Estates for Non-Payment of Maintenance Fees!” Either way it is going to reflect badly on LRHC and stop in its tracks any hope of attracting new owners. Some sort of end date for an Owner must be reached, perhaps 10 years after the State Retirement Age, at which point owners could pay 3 Years Maintenance in Advance to buy themselves out of the Contract, after all they have more than paid their fair due to the club over the previous decades, seeing much of it wasted on Committee Vanity Projects and Litigation against the Club. It should also end on Death of an Owner unless the deceaseds family wishes to take over ownership on say a 5 year contract basis. Apparently many Time Share Resorts in Scotland have amended their Perpetuity Contracts to enable Owners to leave without it being on aLottery` style basis as we have, in order to attract new Owners. If it is to be believed, even McDonalds Hotels Time Share in Scotland, not known for its generosity towards Owners, amended their Perpetuity Contract!
    I personally think until this HUGE dark cloud hanging over the club is finally resolved, there will be limited sales at LRHC no matter how much amenities improve at Rannoch, as new Owners will frightened off by all the negative publicity about Elderly Owners being sued!

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