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    Mr Duncan Anderson

    Dear All,

    First, I would like to apologise for my genuine error in my submission, I accept age is not an excuse, nor is ignorance of procedure but I can’t offer any alternative reason. I would also like to thank our Committee for accepting my resolution as submitted.

    I proposed the sale of Glenrannoch House and the use of the apartment/studio blocks to be used as staff accommodation with the genuine thought that it will benefit the Club as a whole.

    I have no ulterior motives in proposing the sale and the change of use of the apartments and studios. Having been a member since the Barrett days I have never ‘raised my head above the parapet’ feeling that the business goings on were too involved and complicated for the average owner, however we are led to believe the Club is in dire straits and therefore dire measures are required to bring us back from the brink of bankruptcy.

    I certainly have no desire to hurt or upset any member but the fact remains if we don’t do something we won’t have a Club to go to. Surely an alternative unit, as good or better, in order to secure the future of our Club must be preferable to bankruptcy and no unit and no Club.

    I would urge any member to please consider voting for my resolutions. Let’s get our Club out of debt; get onto a sound financial footing; use our maintenance fees to upgrade our units giving priority to the units that have had nothing done to them. Add that to everything positive we have access to from the Hotel and we could have a bright future to look forward to.


    I think a good first step is to sell Glenrannoch House. Please vote these submissions through.

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