Proposed refurbishment of apartments

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    Mr. Paul Armstrong

    During a recent stay in Apt 13 we had a knock on the door from another owner who was staying in one of the few refurbished studios/apartments. He was somewhat distraught over what he described as a “botched,sub-standard” change (his words, not mine!). He likened the changes to a Travelodge and was disappointed it had lost all its Scottish feel. He was canvassing opinions and I suggested he passed on his comments to the committee. Clearly this might be of concern to all other apartment/studio owners. I have seen pictures of lodge refurbishments and those of said apartment refurbishment and they appear worlds apart!! The solid wood kitchen appears to have been painted. Really??
    As an apartment owner I would expect the same quality/design changes as those introduced to Highland/Otter/Red Squirrel lodges over recent years. I would be interested to hear the committee’s opinions and those of other owners of the refurbished apartment/studio

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