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    Mr. I. Taylor

    For the attention of the Chairman – Norman Laidlaw

    Present Committee

    I realise that you and your committee have only been ‘on seat’ for a short period of time and a great deal of issues have yet to be addressed. However, as personnel has changed in recent months, Owners are deserving of details from each committee member of their position, qualifications and responsibility within the Club..

    It would be very beneficial if each committee member sets out, in this Forum, the details as mentioned above along with their future thoughts and running of LRHC.

    Off the top of my head, to know which committee member is responsible for each of the under noted topics would be beneficial to all Owners:

    1. Finances – signing off of very late accounts and distribution to Owners

    2. Sales & Marketing – progress to date

    3. Land distribution between LRHC and Loch Rannoch Hotel since new owners have purchased the latter – the whereabouts of alleged documents prepared by the ex-GM

    4. In perpetuity clause within the constitution

    5. Incorporation of LRHC to limited company status

    6. Lodge refurbishments

    The list goes on and on and as I stated earlier a great deal of issues have yet to be resolved.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.


    Ian Taylor

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