Management Fee 24% Increase

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    Mr S Smith

    Whats going on here? How can the club possibly justify a 24% increase or 18% if you ignore the leisure fee.

    Correct me if im wrong but the committe have already stated that due to the pandemic maintenance was not carried out which means that members money was not spent so there should be a reduction in costs here.

    I understand that our staff were furloughed for probably most of last year and some of this year. This means that assuming all staff were kept on they should only have been paid 80% of their full wage up to £2,500 per month (the same as many members). The government under the job retention scheme would have paid this 80% for most ot the year with a 10% reduction for a very short period. This means that as far as wages are concerned the club would only have had to pay pension contributions and NIC. This money was therefor not spent by the club and again represents a significant reduction in costs.

    We are all aware that the club now retains the rates refund previously refunded to members.

    Would someone explain to me how a 24% increase in fees can be justified. This is quite frankly outrageous particularly at a time when many members will be struggling financially. We the members own the property and all the club has to do is maintain it. I could rent a week somewhere for a similar amount indeed I could probably rent a week at Loch Rannoch for a similar amount to my management fees. How can this possibly be right. If you owned a property outright would you expect to pay anywhere near the figure the club is charging indeed a months maintenance at the club would probably cover most peoples maintenance of their home for a year.

    The club has me locked into paying money when I cant even give my week away and now to add insult to injury they increase fees by 24%. If the club cant be run in a manner where you can confidently rent out your week for considerably more than the fees then in my opinion it should closed, the assets sold off and any proceeds distributed to the members who own the club. The only way members weeks will ever be worth anything is if they can be rented out for considerably more than the fees and if the club cant achieve this then in my opinion it should be closed with the assets sold off for the benefit of members.

    Apologies for the rant but I am quite frankly sick of being held to ransom by the club.

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