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    A suggestion for the Sales Team please. It would appear that we’re going to receive positive news about Lodge Sales at the AGM, but we think the process could be improved/speeded up. In August prospective purchasers came forward for 2 consecutive weeks in the Lodge and the first Documents were sent to them. The Document was not returned by the end of September but we were assured that the Purchasers were enthusiastic. It is now November and it has still not been returned, so one could assume that they are not going to buy. However much time has been lost, other potential buyers told the Lodge is no longer available and this is extremely frustrating/annoying.
    Our suggestion is that 2-3 weeks (or another defined/deadline period) after the first Documents have been sent to the Purchaser for signing and return to the Office, Ann or one of her Team phones the buyers to answer any questions they may have, reassure them and confirm that the Document needs signing and returning. As far as we are aware, nobody has contacted the buyers since they were sent the Document. We bought a Lodge last year and that first Document can seem rather daunting – that’s why a follow up call is needed. Obviously if you’re already a Lodge Owner you are already aware of the commitment, but some new and potential Owners/Purchasers may need reassurance and the chance to ask questions. Surely this is good Customer Service and reflects the ongoing standard that we would all wish for as Lodge Owners?
    So if anyone is interested in buying a lovely 2 bedroom Lodge, good parking, partly refurbished, not damp and with great Loch views for 2 consecutive weeks in August, please get in touch! Selling because we need a 3 bedroom Lodge.
    Have a good weekend everyone and if you’re at Rannoch at the moment, have a wonderful holiday!

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