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    The first time I have ever posted my opinion on the forum, and I feel that I am being treated as an idiot. I maybe have been a little critical of a decision made by the committee, by pointing out that they may have overlooked fairness in their decision over the pricing of the leisure facilities. Maybe this is a coincidence, but I have received an email, just a few hours after making the post advising that I must query any charges at least 48 hours prior to arrival.
    I would just like to point out that I have not refused to pay the charge. I merely pointed out that the charge should be per head, depending upon the number of beds are in each unit, and not a flat rate. Effectively meaning that those owners of the units that sleep 8 pay the same as the units that sleep 2. In my post I never said that I will not pay the charge, but I feel that maybe the committee should have put a bit more thought into their thinking over this.
    Or maybe the majority of the committee own the larger units and are actually self serving rather than representing all owners???

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