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    Mr. M Wiggins

    Further to my rent post reference what if any exist strategy exists for the LRHC ?
    I believe that the reluctance of the club to agree to convert existing Holiday Certificates to a fixed period certificate would be misguided. Many owners are anxious that they have an in-perpetuity agreement and are now unable to use or sell their time share weeks and potentially are leaving their relatives to pick up the pieces when they pass on.
    By allowing owners to convert their in perpetuity agreement to a fixed term agreement ( say 5 years) for a fee equal to a number of years fees, would not only overcome this but also stimulate the market for the LHRC lodge sales both by the club and by individual owners . I believe that the biggest blocker to selling or transferring ownership of the time share is not the annual fees but the entering into an in perpetuity agreement.
    Have other owners any views with respect to this?
    Mike Wiggins

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