The New Website - Three weeks on

By System Admin on July 22, 2017

The new website has been live for about 3 weeks. How are we doing and what is new.

Well, the much anticipated new website has now been on line for about three weeks, so how is it doing, whats' new and what have we got planned.

We have been very pleased by the general response which has been very good, Owners like the format of the new site and we have, so far, had no negative comments.

We are aware that some owners have had difficulty getting in to the members section of the site and in to the forum. Hopefully, all of these have now been resolved and all owners who have registered are able to see all of the content. If you are still having difficulties, please email us here at the office and we will do all we can to help you.

The Club constitution and Bye Laws are now available in the members section in a downloadable format and the table of entry dates is available in the 'Open' website under <+Information>. We are doing a review of the lodge details and adding further information of use to persons wishing to buy or rent lodge weeks. We have also many links relating to things to do in the area. Further links will be added as an when we find out about them. If you come across anything that isn't linked, let us know and we'll add it.

We are also intending to compile a section relating to the history and development of the site. Thanks to some of the long standing members, we have a number of very interesting items and documents, some dating back before the first lodges were completed. We are sure that many owners will find this fascinating. 

We are working on the link to the club management system so that live information can be accessed. This will become live in the next few weeks. In the meantime, the Members Page will display a note saying that the account isn't verified. Don't worry about it. You are logged in to the Members Pages and and this notice will disappear when the linking becomes live.

Please let us know your views on the website. Any suggestions or constructive criticism is welcome and, where possible, we will incorporate them into the site.


Best wishes


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