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By System Admin on July 17, 2017

Account not verified - nothing to worry about - Read on.

Good Morning ...

We are getting a number of calls from worried owners because the members pages are showing a message saying 'Your account has not been verified by an administrator'.

This is nothing to worry about. As many will know, we are in the process of upgrading our management software. Once completed, this will allow us to synchronise the updated system with the members pages on the website allowing you to get immediate and far more up to date information about a number of aspects of Loch Rannoch Highland Club business including your account. You will also be able to carry out a number of routine transactions online.

The verification message is part of this process and will disappear once the synchronisation is complete.

This is a big and important project for the club and it may take a little while to get it right so I'm going to ask you to bear with us while we design and implement the various features.

As a part of this process, there may be a few occasions when it is necessary to take the website off line for a short period so, if you find you can't get access, please leave it for a while then try again. If you still have problems, by all means please let us know... sometimes things will work Ok for us in the office but not out in the wild web and the first we know about it is when you tell us.

We're still very much up for any suggestions for content and we do like to hear constructive criticism of what we do so keep it coming.

Best wishes



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