Do you have any 'historic' documentation.

By System Admin on July 06, 2017

Who do we think we are - The Club wants to research it's ancestry.

Good morning everyone...

We, at the Loch Rannoch Highland Club have what must be one of the most Iconic locations in Scotland (dare I say The World) and we know that we were among the very first timeshare resorts in the UK... in fact we believe we were the very first. Apart from that, however, due to the various things that have happened in the past, our knowledge of our history is woefully incomplete.

What we would like to do is compile an archive of historic documentation to give us an insight into how, when and why the site was built, and how it developed. Eventually, we will add a 'history' section to the website for those interested in knowing where we come from.

We have already made a start and have been given some interesting material from the very early days. This is stored in the Club Office. If you'd like to see it, let us know.

If you still have any documents, advertising, promotional material or press articles about the Club or the land it stands on, we'd be very interested to see it and perhaps get copies.

Loch Rannoch Highland Club is a wonderful place and it is well worth our while to preserve it's heritage for future generations.

All the best




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